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Hi, I'm a complete rookie and could do with some help please.

my setup: LEDS connected to digital pins 2 thru 13
I would like to trigger sequences by pressing midi keys.

for example:

I press midi C1 to start pattern 1

sequence lasts 8 seconds
pin 2 on a loop where it is on for 100ms and off for 400ms.
pin 3 off for 400ms, on for 100ms, off for 500ms
etc, etc.

I then press midi D1 to start pattern 2

sequence lasts 4 seconds
pin 4 on a loop of 50ms on, 50ms off.
pin 5 off for 500ms, then a loop of 50ms on, 50ms off.

Could someone write a sketch for this please?


I am also interested in this thread. Were you able to come up with a solution?


Hi Fiasco,


Please have a read of how to use this forum.

I doubt anyone here will actually write the sketch for you. The forum members provide help, pointers to existing libraries, etc. The actual work is really to be done by you, unless someone has already done it exactly as you want it.

You haven't given anywhere near enough detail for anyone to write the sketch, even if they decided to.

To move forward, you need to decide how are your MIDI keys connected to the Arduino?

Design the hardware, draw a schematic, look for libraries, write a sketch, ask for guidance along the way. The thinking and the work however have to be done by you.
Do not IM me. I will not respond. Ask questions in the forum.


You first need to get the MIDI into your arduino. You then detect when the note on message occurs, and then call your pattern routine.
To help you get started read this:-
So instead of firing off a solenoid you call your animation routine.

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