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There is no "solution" to the problem.    The interface is basically flaky and you just have to learn to live with it.  I have to unplug and then plug the USB an average of three times,  every time I try to upload a sketch.    And then ,  once the sketch is uploaded,   I have to unplug it and plug it exactly twice,  before the serial monitor will work.

Aparently it works better on linux.


The interface is basically flaky and you just have to learn to live with it.

Or it's your PC. I've NEVER had to unplug and reconnect the Arduino to upload or to open the Serial Monitor application, on Mac or on XP or on Win7.


I understand that I had to post my code but this is not matter of codeing. This is matter of drivers which I dont know hoe to repair. Actually to tell you the truth J am uplading the sample blink Led.


Are you using the same USB cable every time? Try different cables, I had the same issue recently and it turned out to be a bad cable.


I just got the same error. Are you using a shield with a DLINE/UART switch ? If so make sure it is set to DLINE when uploading the sketch, then set to UART before running the sketch.


Hey guys,

Been using  Getting Started with Arduino. The last sketch I uploaded was Dimming the led with a variable resistance UV sensor. In place of the UV sensor I used a 300 ohm to 1.2kohm pot.
I was using linux for my sketches and now the DIM sketch isnt even in my sketchbook anymore so i cant show you.

I uploaded the sketch and the led came on connected to p9 but didnt dim.  Went to bed and went to use it the next afternoon and its no longer recognised by Linux or windows on my desktop or laptop.

Please help me figure this out. Thanks heaps!!


IDK more what to do.

There is a sticky at the top of the forum. It says that if you are posting on the Programming section, you post your code. Without your code, how can we possibly help you?

Without your code, you can bump until the cows come home, and you'll just be wasting your time, and ours.

I think what he is trying to say is this is not the place to ask that question, which comes up quite frequently, for many different reasons.

EDIT: You will probably do better in 'Installation and Troubleshooting.'

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