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I've been training future electrical engineers for quite some time. Most of these are self-centered but are among the brightest. They take pride in what they know (mostly not known by non-ECE wannabes) and don't deal with others or seek very well. I can put the above remarks in many of their mouths. I happen to remember a classmate (not engineer) that we kind of dismiss as a looney. He said that a certain fake religious scripture was a lot more logical than a much older book written by a co-founder of sociology. But when asked, he has honestly replied that he has read neither. I bet a lot of these Arduino remarks were made out of pure speculation. There is no real experience with Arduino but an opinion has already formed. It's pretty sad that some very smart people tend to close their minds like that.
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It's pretty sad that some very smart people tend to close their minds like that.

Yes Sir and then they tend to loose on Innovation , one needs to be humble and understanding of real facts with open mindedness.
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People simply need to talk to each other. Unless you are some kind of genius, you need statistics to work for you. More interactions, more chances something good comes out.
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The discussion derailed a bit, but I'd like to go back to one of the opening arguments:

all it produces is a jumbled mess that is impossible to read other than the person that made it

Yes, if you make an sloppy and unplanned drawing..... it will be ugly and messy. And it will probably be so no matter if you draw it on a piece of 5-digit software or on the back of a napkin. For a beginner, the result will probably be better using a napkin!
Etch-a-sketch'es and ballpoint pens are notorious for the crimes they can do to your eyes, but properly used, the results can be rather stunning.

Drawn with an etch-a-sketch:
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And with a ballpoint pen:
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I even find liudr's "good" drawing difficult to follow without inspecting it, whats the shift register pin functions? whats the value of the pot? whats those two black squares? I think I know where the wires are going on the arduino, but I have never in my life owned an official board with an official footprint so I dunno? why is the first wire from the left on the LED's shorted to ground? why is the 3rd and 4th wire from the left on the LED's shorted? Are the two yellow wires on the LED's connected in the middle or is that an optical illusion of a box I sometimes see

Oh I see I gotta find download and read another document to find out what a single schematic would have told me. Simple!


When I see some medical x-rays and some ultra-sound images, I know absolutely nothing that is going on. Ok, x-rays are easier, but ultra-sound is just for the very trained eye. Even more modern image diagnostics methods, that give you clear near-photographic quality images, still require lots of training to understand and know what is going on with that patient.

The same goes for engineering (all types) schematics. Even some Fritzing drawings still require you to know before hand how a LED works, what are the GND and PWR pins on a 595, and so on. So, all one needs is training and some background information.

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yes but a schematic doesnt make me guess, nor decipher a SVG drawing of a picture of a breadboard, I sincerely do not think any of the issues I brought up would have been there if it was a real schematic, I would know if those wires were shorted or not, I would know what value that pot was, I would know what pins are used on the arduino, I would know those two black squares are connectors,  I would know what polarity the LED's were without tracing wires and busses.

your equating x-ray images and ultra-sound images to a drawing trying to illustrate a technical document, and photographic quality doesnt mean much with electronics depending on what components you choose, hince the symbols for those components.

Its not an art class, its a blueprint.


Fritzing is nice. I use it sometimes to print an easy to use setup for later use. I like Fritzing type diagrams also easy to follow when doing breadboard stuff.


I consider my shift register drawing a bad one. I think if you don't have ICs with many pins (say more than 8), drawing in Fritzing is not so hard and you produce a connection diagram that is easy to check against the actual circuit. Not everyone needs to know pin numbers. If I just hire someone with electrical skills to build that system with sonic rangers, I'm better off with that diagram than giving him a schematic since the electrician may no nothing about ICs. Along this line, I think some photographic like details are useful in certain places. Here's a matrix keypad I drew and integrated multitap function of my phi-panel: (please say they look nice and useful!!!)
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oh I am the first one to hit inkscape to generate graphics for the front end, but your not trying to tell me how this thing is connected, your showing me the layout of the buttons and what functions they do


Just trying to justify realistic looks of electronic components. It's not a connection diagram.
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but those are not components, its a graphic overlay


Those drawings look nice and useful Liudr.

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Tongue in check comment -

How much support do you think I might get if I start a campaign on the forum to ban all Fritzing circuit images? I think that they belong on the kindergarten wall.


If you offer the same amount of support to fritzing team to make that part of Fritzing prettier, then it may be a good idea  :P Let the "children" to have their fun! Anyway, you must admit that a great effort is required to make a nice schematic using it.

BTW, I find KiCAD electronic schematics much prettier, especially for documentations.


Here's the first Fritzing I drew:

I am adding it to the thread in protest.

Long live Frtizing!!

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