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I have an old keyboard lying around.. and it's feeling a little bit useless.
So, I've decided to try and convert it into an MIDI device to use with some software synths...

And arduino seems great, as usual..  So I've done a little research and found a program, to interpret the serial MIDI signals ( http://www.spikenzielabs.com/SpikenzieLabs/Serial_MIDI.html )..   The only thing left then is some code and adapting the arduino to read the keys...

So, if anyone has any info on reading keyboard matrices, has seen anything like this, or used that program, I'd love a starting point...


Go to :-
And search for "Keyboard/Keypads" you will find 6 links to projects.


Thanks.. That does help with that whole part...

But has anyone seen any similar type of projects...?

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