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Hello, I ordered cheapo ebay chinese 8x8 RG led matrix with a TM1640 chip. Here is below.

The only libraries I can find for this are 7 segment timer displays, not an 8x8 matrix. Not only can I not find code/libraries, the ebay ad was the only bit of documentation I could find, but now, none of the images/files load. There isn't even wire labels on the board, so I have no idea which pin is VCC, GRND, CLCK, and DATA.

Between mystery wiring and a lack of code resources, this project has come to a stand still.

I need your help Arduino community.


Find the chip datasheet and trace the inputs to the chip pins to see what each input does.
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I think i bought the same 8x8rg matrix and struggled to get it running.

There is a modified libary for 8x8 red green matrix from where i bough it.

As i had the same issue with the pins i asked the shop for support and they posted a picture:
the 4 pins (starting where the print is COM0...8 ) are: DIN, CLK, GND, VCC

I hope i could help you. (I know it has been long since you posted this topic).
Or maybe it helps someone else.

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