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I am a complete noob to arduino and close to one in electronics. I was following along with Project 07 and when I was done, I got a tone on switch 1, 3, and 4 but no tone on switch 2. I get appropriate numbers in the Serial Monitor for the three switches that work but zeros on the monitor for switch 2. I get the same thing from the code I wrote and the downloaded version that came with the starter kit so I am assuming the problem is a hardware issue. I checked and compared my layout with the one in the book several times and it seems right. I swapped out the 220 ohm resister and the switch but no help. I also moved the switch around on the breadboard but still no tone. Since I am just playing and learning, it is not a big deal and I will probably just move on to the next project. However, I would like to know what I did wrong. Any ideas?



Jim, it could help if you post a photo of your circuit to check once again. I just finished this project and everything occurred fine, I just need to comment the two first rows of the book's code.


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