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Actually, the POWER_UP command for FM Receive is described on page 64. Page 12 is the POWER_UP command for FM Transmit. They are subtly different.

There is a huge number of different SI47xx chips, but they are all just different combinations of a set of a few, basic capabilities. The SI4737, in this case, has AM/FM/WB Receive and RDS, but no FM Transmit (and I don't think any chips in the line do AM or WB trasmit).

So, when page 12 says to set the POWER_UP command's second argument to 0x50 for Analog audio inputs, note that it says *inputs*, not *outputs*. Calling the command in this way with the SI4737 will set the ERR bit in the STATUS byte of the response.

As I found out after struggling with it for the last three days.

On page 64, you'll see that FM Receive's POWER_UP command's second argument should be set to 0x05 for Analog audio *output*.

Now, if I could just figure out why mine won't tune, I'd be set.


Still slightly confused. I get that Alex_K succeeded because he created a clock and hooked it up to RCLK. I ran with the same logic as doitright and configured it to use the internal clock, but it won't tune or give me any feedback. I get CTS set high and then nothing changes when I do get_int_status or fm_tune_status. Do I need to wire something to RCLK or just leave it floating?

Did seanmcbeth progress since Sept?

- daniel

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