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I am not understanding the unique USB VID/PID problem associated with making Leonardo clones. The post at: http://www.akafugu.jp/posts/blog/2012_06_13-USB-and-serial-ports-on-Arduino-Leonardo/ mentions that creating Leonardo clones and connecting them to a Mac or Linux computer has no issues. At the end of this post I see:

On OS X and Linux, a Leonardo clone will work out of the box, and can be identified as "Arduino Leonardo" in the Boards menu in the Arduino IDE. It is of course better practice to add an entry specifically for the clone device in boards.txt.

On Windows, a unique INF file for the clone device must be installed. Also, it will not work without editing the boards.txt file to add a unique section for the clone device.

I've made a few Leonardo clones programming the bootloader into a new 32U4 micro using the IDE and a USBtinyISP by selecting a Leonardo as a board and burning the bootloader. So far i've only tested it on one PC and a mac. Does this mean it will not work on another windows machine?


No, it will be fine. You're making an exact copy of the Leonardo so you're using the same VID/PID.

If you were making something for sale, however, you would have to get your own VID because the Arduino team says you can't use theirs for other commercial products. That's what the akafugu post is talking about.

Good luck!

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