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Hello Everyone,

Everything works great for me with the AM/FM transmitter shield (with Arduino Duemilanove), except that each time I unplug it's electricity and then plug it again I hear static noise until I press the shield's reset button - only then I can hear a radio transmission. I can't figure out why that's happening. I tried resetting the board using the code but it didn't work - only pressing the button does the job.

Any Idea?

BTW - I use the SI4735 Library.

Many Thanks!


Consider a simple hardware power on reset pulse generated by a capacitor charging at power up on that pin...


Thank you for the advice. I'll try it.

The thing is the code itself resets the whole system on the power-up, so I can't figure out why it needs another hardware reset. It seems like the shield requires another reset after the power-up procedure and the configuration ends, from some reason.

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