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covered on makezine.com


regards Bastiaan


Could this be done with an Arduino?  I want the code!


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Could this be done with an Arduino?

In theory, yes, probably.

I've been working on adapting the AVRUSB code and circuit to work as a library and expansion shield for the Arduino. This has included working to get it functioning as a HID keyboard device. I've had non-complete success with this.

The current status is that I've managed to successfully send a "B" keystroke to Ubuntu Linux computers from the Arduino board but haven't repeated this success on either OS X or Windows machines yet. (I've yet to upload the code--it's on my to do list.)

So, in theory, replacing the keycode with that for the Caps Lock key should work.


P.S. My forward motion on this project has been temporarily restrained due to distraction by a new toy from Atmel. :)

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