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i played around with the 74HC595 today and followed the playground tutorial regarding this piece of hardware.

The problem is that non of my leds are willing wo light up. I tripple checked the wireup and im sure this is not the problem.
I can measure voltage on the output pins of the 74HC595. Here is a foto of the setup:

After hours of searching i loaded up the blink sketch ( pin13 high/low ) and wired up an led with a 220ohm resistor to it.
The funny thing now is that even that LED is not willing to light up. I check that the anode is in the right direction.

So i tried something even more basic:

I wired the resistor and the led to the 5V output of the arduino and wired the cathode to a ground pin.
Nothing happend :( Could it be that i somehow fried my arduino ?

What should be my next steps ?

Thank you :)


So after playing around i finally got a single led to blink :)

The thing to remember was that a row on a breadboard is connected. So when i inserted a LED with anode + cathode into the same row i basicly shortcuted the way fpr the current - avoiding my led :/

Sorry, im dumb :)

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im dumb

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