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austrian from WHERE?

the fh guys at least use the same conrad electronics mounting boards. =)

move here! now. =)


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from lustenau, vorarlberg.

now studying at the KHM (Kunsthochschule für Medien). but at the moment i have to work too much for my job and too less time for my studies. if you know Malte from the FH Potsdam salute him from me. he worked for three month in our office. just see his project "just-on-time-cube", he sent to the "digital sparks awards 2006". pretty nice work!



xiberger müssen nach xberg (kreuzberg) ziehen. =)

ich bin tiroler.

holldrio. bis bald.


hab da vor zwei jahren schon mal für drei monate direkt am kottbuser tor gewohnt. mal schaun, vielleicht wirds wieder kreuzberg  :)

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