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I rarely post to the arduino forum but yesterday I was working on a project with somebody else and so I wrote a sketch with C++ lambdas in it. I was working from linux so everything compiled and it worked great (yes, lambdas are awesome). When I sent my sketch off to the person who was to use it it raised errors due to the lambdas so I spent a whole lot of time rewriting the code to use function pointers (yew). But the issue I see is that there is no consistency accross the different platforms as to the GCC version, but IDE version stays at 1.0.5. Of course this may be due to the fact that I used the ubuntu package rather than download the ide separately. But I still think that the GCC versions and configurations should be same accross platforms. And seriously, windows GCC should be updated to work with C++ lambda functions. 


They are already working on it.


That link is also part of a thread for an IDE that does support 4.8.1


also, they fixed the unix download (but perhaps not the ubuntu package) to include the older compiler, so it should be compatible with the other OSes.

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