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I have perforrmed a search prior posting, and it appears that my problem has already been reported, here for example:


but it seems that it has not clearly solved.

The print out from the IDE (v1.8.6) are just unusable: no colors, very big font size, etc..., so I have to copy/paste the program into Notepad++ to get a correct print out.

Are you aware of way to fix this ?

Thank you



With the new version 1.8.6, I face printing issues that I did not faced months ago with the previous (quite old) versions of the IDE.

It is impossible to get a correct print out of a program from the IDE on my (Canon) printer: there is no colors, the font size is far too big (a page is not width enough !), etc...

So the only turnaround that I have found is to copy/paste the program in Notepad++, and get the print out from Notepad++.

I have read on various forums that a lot of persons have similar issues, with no clear solution, so a fix would be appreciated...



Also posted at:
If you're going to do that then at least be considerate enough to add links to the other places you cross posted. This will let us avoid wasting time due to duplicate effort and also help others who have the same questions and find your post to discover all the relevant information.

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