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But it's the devices that connect to the arduino are mostly 5v and that's what the shield would be for. It will be years (if ever) all eBay modules are 3.3v compatible and till they are the likes of my duo and pi remain in the draw instead of being developed on.
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it would be an interesting exercice to see

how many shields actualy have 5v -> 3v conversion on them,
    I've been using recently GPS , accelerators, magnetometers,
        I2S Audio , LCD modules,

and they all have to have converters on the to interface their 3v3 logic to the 5v of the Arduino.


3.3V logic has become new standard. 5V devices will probably go off the sale somewhere in the far future (I believe because higher electricity consumption). I have found an easy solution for comunicating DUE with 5V RS485 transcievers in this document: How to interface a 5V Transceiver to a 3V Controller.

And I would love to see an option on all Arduino boards (Except those that allready run on 3.3V), to have VCC running 3.3V or 5V, depending on a user choise. There are guides on the web how to convert Arduino (at least Leonardo which I am using) from 5V VCC to 3.3V. MCUs runns on 3.3V flawlessly, only downside is that MCU are not able to run with higher clocks at low VCC voltage (For Leonardo, 5V is on 16MHz but 3.3V can run only at 8MHz).


Has anyone had a look at http://digistump.com/products/51 ?

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