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Hello Arduino experts:

I've loaded the configurable firmata library from this place as a .zip file but am not able to include it into the IDE and make it work.
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I am using Arduino 1.5.4 on Win7-64.
The StandardFirmata example included with the 1.5.4 works like a charme with my Megas and Nano.
FYI, the IDE was restarted after every move.

If the folder, included in the .zip file, is replacing the original Firmata folder, the Examples under "File -> Examples" are gone.
No more Firmata entry.

The same behaviour was seen when I just created an additional folder in the original ..\arduino-1.5.4\libraries\Firmata folder.
Unfortunately the new configurable Firmata library requires an "utility" folder.

Hopefully one of you experts know what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks in advance,
CaptBlaubar (CBR)


Post this issue in the firmata github repository: https://github.com/firmata/arduino/issues?state=open, not the Arduino forum.

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