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Hope to send SMS messages to the GSM module from any phone and perform robotic actions based on text commands.

I'm in the US.

So, got the SIM with the unit and as far as I can tell it only will work with phones in that particular network.  So would not be able to send a message, say, from my Verizon phone and expect it to be seen by the module.

I talked to ATT and tried to activate an account and they said that they do not support 2G devices anymore.

Does anyone have any experience getting this thing set up via a 'normal' carrier?

Or is this just not an appropriate application?  Another post seemed to indicate that tweeting via internet access as an alternative solution.



You can visit the following link to learn more about it.


Thanks for the response.

Just had to be persistent with ATT.  Initially they said it was a 2G device and not supported.  Told them to ignore that and just set it up as a 3G device/account.  Worked.  Now can send messages from any phone to the shield.

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