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Is it possible to extract the current time from a received SMS? I have a project where I need to get the time using only GSM (no data GPRS).

I have created a command to get the realtime clock of the module and I receive the time but it is not set to a local time (1/1/8 00:00 or something). So I would like to update the time automatically when I receive a SMS message.

Is there a timestamp available when I receive a SMS message?



In GSM library, this option is not possible, but you can do it with AT commands.

The command AT+CMGL="ALL" shows all SMS messages allowed in the modem. With each SMS, shows timestamp from service center.


+CMGL: 1,"REC UNREAD","5277","","2013/06/19 00:13:56-28"


Thanks this worked.

I made a new function in GSM3ShieldV1SMSProvider which extracts the time from a received message. I just used the same method as in remoteSMSNumber.


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