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Has anybody knowledge of a wiring diagram software that enables to do the electrical, not the PCB drawing, like drawing transformers, fuses, switches, relays, valves; enable to check the circuit for errors, like shorts, suggestions for wire AWG and fuses,wiring color codes and labels?


a couple of questions...

are you on windows, mac or linux?
Are you looking for something like freeware or are you willing to pay for it?


meanwhile, maybe you can check out this online Circuit Simulator!
I have used it a couple of times and it is nice (depending on what you want to "draw").

Would love to know what you thought about it...


Free or open source would be nice. OS Linux or Windows.


hmmm, i'm on a mac.
how is that online simulator for you? Was it something like that that you wanted?

i know there are several nice online circuit simulators, like http://www.docircuits.com
and maybe if you look on google you will also find many free ones for windows and linux!

Maybe you can then post here your findings...  ;)


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I too am interested in software to draw wiring diagrams and have been looking for such a product for a couple of years.  I have tried both docircuit.com and circuitlab.com, in the trial mode, and neither seemed to do what I needed though I do like the simulation element.  I have also tried PCB design software, like ExpressPCB, that didn't do what I would like either. I work on old cars and a lot of the wiring diagrams are difficult, if impossible to read, and I would like to create better copies for myself and other enthusiasts. Plus it would be nice to zoom in and around and print out all of or a detailed portion of a diagram.  I use a Wondows 7, and linux VM, PC and would not mind paying for a good piece of software but free is nice too.

List of "requirements"

  • Multiple colors on one wire (white wire, blue stripe)

  • Connectors

  • Light bulbs

  • Fuses

  • Switches

  • Relays

  • Motors


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Try this i us it all the time

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