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Yes that should work. It will take a time though.

It could even take one or two seconds, i don't think in this case that would be something super serious.

Unstuck is a word.


I'm sure your code is good for stuck notes but not for me.
My problem was that every time I compile, MIDI stop to work and I had to disconnect MIDI e Arduino USB cable to work again.
It happened only with one kind of cable not the others (I've got two for both)
With softreset  everything fine now

Ah, ok, that makes sense.
Well, i'm connecting the Arduino via serial, and then converting to midi with a Serial>MIDI Converter, so my problem is (eventually) stuck notes. I don't think it will happen often (or i hope!!), but it's always better to have some kind of solution prepared!

By the way, i finished yesterday the soldering of this project, a MIDI Footcontroller, so i think i will soon post it here in the Exibition / Gallery (would it be better here in the Audio?) Forum, so maybe someone has some neat ideas of new functions to add to it!

Thanks for the help!

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