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Hi there

I'm having some issues with a circuit a collaborator and I made a year ago, and there's a problem I've seen before but can't quite remember how to fix...

We're using an infrared led and receiver. Basically when something passes through the beam and breaks it, it is recognized and watches other actions. The end result is a continuous servo motor dispensing a gumball....hahahah....

I've tested with two servos and there seems to be a bit of 'drift.' This isn't too dire but the drift is setting off false IR readings. It's either a power spike or some kind of similar pulse.

My first idea is to go 'this can't happen unless this is the case' so no IR readings are valid until a button is pressed. I think that's only going to get me so far though.

I'm weirded out a bit because I thought we debugged this, but that was in Arduino 0012, so it's also likely I'm missing something that happened in the upgrade to to 0017.

Any leads would be appreciated!

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