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Hi as this is my first post im not sure if its in the right category^^

Iam a 35 year old DIY enthusiast with strong background in mechatronic/automation.
All my projects are based around Audio or Camera devices :)

For the last few days iam about to build a MotionControl-unit based on Arduino and the MIDI protocol.

I chose MIDI as i have a few hardware sequencers and an iPad with a lot of sequencers plus i want to use touchOSC as interface, so i can plug my iPad into the unit directly and chance settings via touchOSC.

Also in the box are four servo outs for beeing used with modelcraft servos.

The built-in motor (280sized gearbox) gets power via a mini ESC that also powers the Arduino.

My personal goal (with every but especially) with this project is to make it my cleanest tidiest most sleekest built EVER! :)

I found a small (80x50x20mm) aluminium box at my local hardware store where i want to fit everything in.

Space is extremely limited, so i took a jigsaw and cut three (for now) PCBs and grinded the copperlines from the sides so it has no contact to the box.

The MIDI-interface is already soldered on to the tiny PCB behind the MIDI plug.

And a few photos of the device:

Iam about to finish/plant it in the next few days.
The device took me three very productive days for now, and i have to let it rest for a few days otherwise i will f""ck it up :)

And i have NO plan how or where i should put the pot, the toggleswitch, the powersocket and the five LEDS, without harming the aluminium box.

But i have some ideas :)

Another project iam in right now is a CATCAM copy based on two motorshields, its on my blog and i will add it here as soon as its finished


That's a really nice tight installation there InevitableCraftsLab  :smiley-cool:  Good job. What is the URL of your blog so I can take a look please.


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