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Topic: What is the best software to run a cnc router 3 axis from Arduino controller. (Read 27228 times) previous topic - next topic


What is the best software to run a cnc router 3 axis. I am hoping to use my Arduino and some stepper drivers. The only problem is, i dont want to have to write all of the gcode. Im looking for a program that will allow me to use a cad program, and convert the drawing to gcode which i can then copy and paste to my arduino.


There is a program called "grbl" that runs on Arduino hardware but it isn't an Arduino sketch so you have to use other AVR programming tools to build and upload it.

I have attached an un-tested version that I modified to compile as an Arduino sketch. 
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Thank you Thank you very much , your a life saver.. now I can see some light ! :)


Have you seen this
All arduino code, no need to copy and paste gcode there is a processing program that feeds this into the CNC from a file.

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