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I am making a double sided PCB with components on both sides. I am new to eagle and when I searched online through various sites then I found that the best way to put the component on the bottom layer is to mirror it.
I have done so, but now the problem is that I cannot re-mirror that component back to the top layer. I cannot even select or move that component. That component is there but I cannot do anything with it. Please tell me what should I do. Your help will be really appreciated.


In View:Layers, make sure you have Bottom Origin turned on so you can right click the + for the package and changes its properties.
Sometimes it helps to turn off view of the top layers so you can see the bottom layer more clearly.
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Once you select the part, middle click to flip it to top/bottom. Displaying origin is very helpful. It tells you where to click. Often the person that drew the part doesn't put the origin at the geometric center so clicking the middle of a part may not work. Alternatively, use select group and drag a rectangle to select the part and hope other parts are not selected. then middle click. I don't know if there is a mac version and where their middle click is though LOL
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