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Hi everybody;

I am tryin to make my own arduino. I am writing from Turkey. I send pm to somebody about it but i m writing here too.

I need program atmega 168 as an aurdino. So i am not sure but maybe i need burn the bootloader on atmega chip, whatever. :)

How can i do it? How can i program atmega chip before assembly on pcb? Which steps should i follow? Which softwares i need? Where can i found that softwares? And where can i found the codes to write on chip?

I am so sorry about my bad english. I am waiting for help. :)

Thank you very much :)


1) Purchase an ISP device. (From the USA you can order a USBasp from Hong Kong on eBay for less than $4 including shipping.)
2) Put the ATmega168 into any board with an ICSP header (like any Arduino board).
3) Use the Arduino IDE to burn the bootloader.
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