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This is my first time posting, and I'm new to arduino, so please be nice!  I haven't registered until now because I guess all my questions have been covered already, and I was able to search them out.

I recently completed my first project that I haven't taken apart right after getting it to work.  It is a picture box; I've been calling it a sort of portable photobooth.  I was heading camping for a weekend bachelor party kind of thing (celebrating two of my best friends that are marrying my two sisters), and thought it would be fun to play with during our woodland debauchery.

Essentially, you turn it on and it is ready to go when the led is lit.  You push the button on the side, and it takes a picture, led flashes, takes another picture, etc., four times.  So you end up with four pictures saved to micro sd.  Once the led is lit again, push the button again, and you get four more pictures.  There is approximately 2 seconds between pictures.  It ended up being pretty fun, and I was lucky enough to have a friend who ran out in the rain to save it before it got ruined! 

I built it with an arduino uno r3, sainsmart sd shield, and the radioshack camera "shield"/board.  The pictures taken with the radioshack camera board aren't the greatest quality, but I felt that was fitting for a "photobooth" kind of feel.  I installed/jammed it into a generic radioshack enclosure, and I kind of cludged the enclosure.  I made my holes with a drill and pocket knife, as I don't own a dremel (yet).

Below are pictures of the picture box and a sample picture.  I ended up with around a hundred silly face pictures of my friends that went on the trip.  Thanks for listening, and thanks to everyone on here that has helped me without knowing it!

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