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sorry final bit of spam from me...I found the code in this project very useful as well: http://learn.adafruit.com/piccolo/overview

It autoscales to the volume, and does some calculations to get an output that looks decent.


Hi markvr,

thank you for sharing your info...some of which I had already came across during my research :)
I just started to play with the arduino and FFT and I am still trying to get it how it all works and how to set it up for my project..so every info will be welcome.

Btw, I have tried connecting things as stated before and it worked ok, but still had a lot of noise with this.
So I tried modifying this by adapting a circuit I've seen at Arduinoos' Didier blog http://www.arduinoos.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/MicroLS_05.jpg and it works like a charm..most of the noise disappeared (at least I no longer get a signal when no audio is coming out of the speakers).

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