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I sympathize with you... but your gripe is with C++ and so is mine, I started out in BASIC moved to Pascal and refused to touch C/C++ because of some of the reasons you mentioned
and If i had a choice i'd love a Pascal Compiler, but the fact is the majority of users out there, don't, so accept it and when you do, you'll have access to thousands of libraries people have
written so you don't have to lift a finger, well maybe 1 to click on "copy" and a 2nd click "paste"

But unless you start coding classes and getting into the C++ side of things, it's really not all that complicated, what let's it down is string routines, for example.

Code: [Select]

  Position: Integer;
  NewStr,Str: String;
NewStr:=Copy(Str,1,3);  //newstr = 'abX';

If only C and Java was so flexible, i'd be able to knock out programs faster than a slut living on welfare for having babies every 10 months to a different father.

Obviously, that comment above is going to annoy people lol, but point stands, Try Java, you'll love Arduino.


I am a welfare slut you insensitive clod!


I am a welfare slut you insensitive clod!

You have my deepest sympathies...

Could you educate yourself on Safe Sex please....

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