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Dynamically getting the IP Address of the DNS server(s) from after getting a DHCP response.

Using the WiFi Library I'm able to get the local IP address and gateway address. How do I get the DNS sever(s) IP address. 

Using NodeMCU 0.9 and 1.0


Node MCU's use esp8266 chips and I have found tons of resources at esp8266.com

also if you didn't realize you can program them like you do an arduino UNO to do all kinds of things
Take a look here to get it setup to use the Arduino IDE for programming

This will give you tons of example sketches that you can load into the esp8266 just like you do an arduino :)
several have to do with DNS I'm sure one will be what you are looking for

Good Luck :)



can i know how to send the data from arduino to internet?


can i know how to send the data from arduino to internet?
How is that question related to this Thread?

I suspect you need to start your own Thread and explain clearly what you want to do. Post any program that you have. And give your Thread a meaningful title.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


This question is still relevant and no specific answer has been provided.  Looking for post DHCP either from Ethernet or WiFi class, how to retrieve DNS server(s) IP addresses.

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