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Hi, I have an Arduino Due. I am thinking about creating a gps tracking system with gboard (http://imall.iteadstudio.com/im120411004.html)

Are they compatible?

Thank you in advance!


As far as I can see that board is a stand-alone Arduino in it's own right and not really designed to be connected to another Arduino. That's not to say it can't be done though, is that what you have in mind?

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Hi, this is what I want to do:


Basically it is a simple GPS tracking system. I got in touch with the maker company, and they advised me to buy arduino uno. However, i don't think it is really worth it, since I can probably make arduino due work with some other components anyway. Any advice?

Thank you!


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I'm not quite following here, that project you linked to used a GSM shield, not a Gboard, that's a totally different situation because the Gboard appears to essentially already be an Arduino, there's no USB but it seems that it can be programmed with their USB adapter.

So what's the purpose of a second Arduino? To add more grunt to your application?

If so then yes you have to connect the two somehow. Serial would be the obvious choice but the Gboard only has a single hardware serial port and it's already talking to two devices on the board. They get around this by using SoftwareSerial but adding a second SS connection is asking for trouble IMO.

So that leaves SPI and I2C of which I think I2C is the better choice.

The next problem is the different voltage levels, you will have to convert the 5v from the Gboard to 3v3 for the Due, there are chips that do that (the PCA9306 for example).

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