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Hey guys,

I'm not sure this is the best place to post this (it seemed like the best out of all the options), but I'm having some problems using the Lilypad light sensor. I'm trying wire it using conductive tape so that when the light drops below a certain threshold, the on-board LED will go out. I have verified the code using a protosnap board (I can post it if you want but I know for sure the problem is electrical).  I'm wiring it on paper using conductive tape and conductive thread to secure the connections, and using a multimeter it says all connections are solid. But when I look at the ouput the sensor is not behaving correctly. If I put my hand over the sensor the return value increases sporadically. When I shine a light it increases more constantly but doesn't always return normally when I take the light away. It works when using alligator clips (although the values are extremely different (around 50 normally with clips and 900 with the tape). I don't know resistance values but the tape and thread together are no more than 6 inches apart. Any ideas?



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