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For our flight data recorder project, we develop an arduino library to read/write/erase winbond spi flash chip.

Usually winbond spi flash is chiper than same dataflash from Atmel such as AT45DB***, now these flash from winbond is widely used in laptops as BIOS chip.

In this library, W25Q80, W25Q16, W25Q32, W25Q64, W25Q128 is supported.

More information available on bbs.kechuang.org



Thanks for sharing the library!

Can you also share your experience with the Winbond chips?
I'm primarily interested in write time.
I understand for flash chips speed is primarily limited by erase+program times.

I'm looking for a fast datalogging device (constant stream of bytes with sampling frequencies around 10000Hz range).
Do you think this can be achieved with W25Q?

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