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I am planning to implement an embedded server using Arduino Due Which needs to control a Robotic Arm. The IP camera is needed to monitor the Robotic Arm. The robotic arm needs to be controlled from a remote location far away, so need to send live videos to the remote location.
So is it possible to transmit live video using the Arduino Due through internet using Arduino Ethernet Shield???
I wish to use a IP Camera/Web cam.

Problem: Does Arduino Due has the capability to transmit live video (captured from IPCamera/Webcam)  through internet to a remote location?


One limitation that come in mind is the reduced performance of the W5100 chip used with Arduino Ethernet shield. See that entry on the forum.
I have no idea of how compressed is your video stream but I think this is one of the key of your question.
An other limitation could be the size of the memory. Is a buffer of 64k enough for storing the stream?


I will keep a watchful eye on this topic......and what is the steps later?

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