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hai renesas have developed a arduino compatible 32bit core uno style arduino board..
i have onboard usb host/otg, lan, sd card, xbee header. around 58 port pins.

i just got the board. build quality was awesome. but it has only online compiler, which is hard to use.


A link to the product would be nice to have.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter



Supposedly introduced about a year ago, I don't see it available at any US distributors.  (available at in.element14.com, but not in the US element14 store, as an interesting example.)  Perhaps it's an Asia-only thing.  (there was even a post here on the Arduino forums, though it got dissed as spam.)

Impressive hardware specs (96MHz 32bit cpu.  1MB flash!  Ethernet and USB Host.)

I believe the cpu (rx63n, a member of the rx600 family) is supported by gcc (http://www.kpitgnutools.com/ )
So a standalone arduino-like IDE is theoretically possible.

Renesas is a bit weird; they're pretty generous with development boards and such, but they seem to be missing some level of understanding of the US market, or something.  Their manuals suck.  (At least the english translations of them, but it's more of an organizational thing than a bad translation thing.)  And then you have this product, which is impressive but nearly unknown.  (perhaps that's better than the TI Launchpad fiasco, but... perhaps not.)


COunting the numbers of pins this looks more like a DUE in an UNO form.

Can you compile standard Arduino sketches?
Is it language compatible (100%) ?
What libraries are used? standard or proprietary?

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