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Hello all,
I'm interested in packaging the Arduino app with a custom sketchbook and library set that works without the receiver of the package having to do any editing of preferences. I would like a user be able to unzip the package I create, open the arduino app for the first time, and have their sketchbook and libraries listed and ready to upload.
For the Mac version of the Arduino app I found this fairly simple as all the necessary files to be included are in the "package contents" of the app. However, I run into the issue with the Windows version where the preferences.txt file in AppData/Roaming/Arduino is essential to changing the sketchbook directory yet is not created until after the app opens for the first time. I have tried altering the preferences.txt file in the lib folder but that doesn't seem to work.
Is there a way to include the preferences.txt file in AppData in the package that I want to distribute?


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