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Hi there,

So here are a few news about this experiment. It is able to acquire data from a detector made of a scintillator and a PIN diode or from a PhotoMultiplier. It will display directly the histogram of the spectrum on the screen connected to the Arduino. When the spectrum is thought to be good enough, one can press a physical button connected to the Arduino in order to save the actual histogram into a file. I find this method much more efficient and useful than using a terminal emulator and saving each entry in the file. I guess that will depend on what data you have and what you want to do with them.
Here are the final version of the files that allow to do that, maybe this will be useful to someone.


And here are a few pictures of the setup and the detector,  :)


And one more, sorry for the number of posts, but the pictures are too big ! ^^


Have you ever got your scintillator working im trying to build one now but im having some issues. http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=232151.0


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HTerm is the best, it has the connect + save data buttons right next to each other. All the main functionality you'd expect is on the main screen.  Nothing to install either, it is one file.

Their homepage below has the download link at the top, it is in german, but the application is in English.


The Arduino can't save data on a file on a PC without some software running on the PC that is controlled by the PC. You can use one of the terminal programs as has already been mentioned, or you could write your own PC program in Python or your favourite language. Many people that use Arduinos seem to like Processing.

You could add an SD Card to to your Arduino system and have the Arduino write directly to a file on that. Later you could take the SD Card to your PC to upload the data.

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Hey Emix,

I lost track of this post. Would you be interested in competing at the AAPT apparatus competition this summer? Impress construction! I would like to know more about it!

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