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Hey i have an Iteaduino BT and i successfully programmed it and uploaded my programs, but i am trying to set
my custom PAN ID on the bluetooth module using XCTU software.

My idea is that i need my Iteaduino BT to communicate with my other other Arduino Board(Ofcourse with Bt bee pro installed), since both need to have same PAN ID's. I know i can configure xbee pro using XB USB Explorer, then what about configuring Bluetooth on ITeaduino...?


It includes HC-05 module, so download the HC-05 datasheet and search for the particular setting, if any..


using at commands i cannot set the pan id's. But using xctu we can set the other parameters, the problem is i can send at commands but cannot read modem configurration using xctu. help...


i read the hc-05 module data sheet, there is no mention of setting a pan id's like xctu. I have a doubt that we can only set such parameters for DIGI modules..?

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