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Hi All,
I'm new to Arduino and the list. I have a Due and a 16x2 display I'm attempting to write to.  Is there an LCD library compatible with wth 1.5.2 IDE.  I've tried example sketches and they all seem to generate errors when compiled.

C:\Users\Danron\Documents\Arduino\libraries\LiquidCrystal\FastIO.cpp: In function 'void fio_shiftOut1(fio_register, fio_bit, uint8_t, boolean)':

I need to make sure I'm using the correct library.



I refreshed my LiquidCrystal library with an updated version and all compiled.  Why it worked? Don't know.

I also added the following lines in the setup to initialize my display which made everything more stable.

  lcd.noDisplay();  //turn off display
  lcd.clear();        //clear display contents
  lcd.home();       //reset to home
  lcd.display();     // turn on display

The data sheet for the display said I needed to initialize it prior to use.  None of the sketches had this sequence of commands.

On on,

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