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I just got a news letter from Atmel with a title: A new ARM Cortex MCU and wireless wizardry - Atmel eNewsletter July 2013 .

Does this mean that there could be an even faster/bigger/better DUE shortly? The newsletter is just an AD, no true info in it in my opinion.


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I don't think so, they are referring to the SAM D20, it's just an M0+ CPU so it won't be faster or bigger then the Due but it's a nice little chip so might be better for many applications.

There's been talk about that chip for quite a while now on AVR Freaks. One great feature is that (AFAIK) you can MUX just about any function to any pin, and it has 6 Serial Communication Interfaces (SERCOM) each of which can be USAT, SPI or I2C.

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