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I am trying to use OpenLog for one project with Teensy 3.1. I am using several functions from this example below to reset openlog (via pin 6 set of resetOpenLog).
OpenLog_ReadExample: https://github.com/sparkfun/OpenLog/blob/master/firmware/examples/OpenLog_ReadExample/OpenLog_ReadExample.ino

When I have my teensy with OpenLog connected to PC via usb, OpenLog creates only one file and writes everything there, just the way I want it to do. When I keep it on battery power, I get like 10-20 files after few minutes. So I am guessing openlog somehow keeps resetting itself. I also think its not the power issue, since if I am not using those functions for resetting openlog, OpenLog writes file to new single file after I insert SD-Card after it is in the part of the program for doing data recording. It would have worked for me, but I would like to have sd-card in OpenLog, and then once my teensy is powered on and ready to use, I could start data recording with command instead of manually triggering it by insert of SD-card.

Is it the reset pin that I picked that can be a problem? (pin 6)

Does anyone knows what could be my problem with OpenLog?


Im not very good at this, but i can imagine, maybe the battery isn't giving enough power (Is it used?) so the Teensy keeps resetting due to lack of power, i had the same problem with an Uno on a low battery, it kept resetting, im not sure about this, but try a brand new battery maybe?
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You were right.. I switched to higher capacity battery and it seems to work fine now.

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