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If you re-read my first response you will see that I didn't either.. there was no reason to use a 100 MHz clock with a 16 MHz control... Until the OP added the TDR call Then I knew exactly what he was after and the reason for my suggestion about the AD9851... 5.5 nS @ 180 MHz and with an NCO you specify where the marker is.. I just wonder how he plans to profile a cable with a discontinuity that is 'normal'... Make a great lineman's tool for finding open/shorted cables though.

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This has all moved on a bit while I slept. Thanks for all the ideas & help, as this project is still in the dream stage I have not finalized on specific components & methods yet but on Docedison comments I did search further and found a faster device (74VHC161 @ 183MHz) but as it's surface mount this means a custom PCB that I was hoping to avoid for now but this may be the way to go in the end.
The thing would be used to find breaks in camera Triax cables.
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