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This is a Weather Station configured for Indoor Climate monitoring built with Processing 1.5.1 and Arduino UNO. At this time 3 pots connected to 3 Arduino analog inputs simulate the sensors. It should be easy to connect real sensors to monitor the variables and reset the mapping functions in the Arduino code. Most of today's sensors already contain amplifiers and the necessary signal conditioning electronics. The System can easily be reconfigured to monitor many other variables by just changing the sensors and reconfiguring the Gauges by simply changing the units of measurement and the scale parameters. The mapping functions should take care of the differences in scaling.  At this point it is ready to accept analog sensors. If digital ones are used, the Arduino code must be modified to read the I2C signals.The 10 bits resolution of the Arduino ADC is maintained and 10 bits (0-1023) samples are sent to the computer in 2 bytes not to affect the resolution. Needle Inertia was implemented by a strong digital low pass filter in the Processing code. I'm already working in a version including a 3 channel recorder, but it will take a while as my time is very limited and that's the hardest part to build.

Here is the video:


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