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Hello!  We just ordered and received the Arduino Starter Kit.  We made it to Project 4, and discovered we have no potentiometers in our kit!  We reviewed the parts list on the web site, and confirmed we have everything listed (actually, we have more resistors and diodes than listed), except we have none of the three 10k potentiometers.

What can we do?  Is it possible to have these three potentiometers shipped to us?

Thank you!




Me comes in the form of two (2)pieces, a white stick and a component like the button in dimensions (a little more big)


Yes, and they give you extra parts. You'll notice as you go along there are other parts in the kit that you don't use. I guess they do it just in case you break something or want to expand the projects on your own. I don't know.

You'll also have extra capacitors and transistors and MOSFET that you won't need. I think there are a lot of extra switches as well.

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