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jack wp

If the grounds are not common, there would be a problem.
Another thought, Looks like your new converter has a coil, so it could be putting out radio waves, that interfere with your receiver.
Keep them as far away from each other as you can, or add some kind of rf shield.


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normaly i placed 4x1.5aa battery so i have 6V that would be fine
but the problem is that the nrf24l01 needs 3.3 and the mini doesn't have 3.3v out

i have prototyped dozens of projects using 24l01, cc2500, 7105, etc with 16mhz promini using nothing but 3 rechargeable aa or 1 lipo and a series diode with no problems at all. also ive built and shipped thousands (no exaggeration) of one of my clients avr designs running 3.3v at 16mhz for couple years now with no hint of trouble. in your case, certainly if not life support or other critical app, i suggest the same. imo many of the rube goldberg setups involving  complex/expensive level shifters and regulators are rarely worth the trouble. kiss is the moto.

many thousands of arduino users are running 3.3v promini at 16mhz. note that the modern promini (3rd generation) run 16mhz with a programmable regulator with jumper for 3.3v/5v.

also  be aware there is a register in the 328 that cuts clk to 1/2 (8mhz). and bod can be set for 1.8v which makes more sense than 2.7v with a 3v battery.

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