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hi guys,
I'm working on a project with some pulleys, and for any reason I can't find where to buy any plastic pulley more than 10cm online !!!!! I tried with this plastic wheel I found but I need something bigger.
Anyone would have a good website where I can found a lot of different pulley's size????or somewhere in London?
thanks a lot


You might make pulleys out of large plastic jar lids.
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You might make pulleys out of large plastic jar lids.

I was going to suggest a couple of round plastic plates placed back-to-back (and glued or bolted together).

Another possibility would be to look into various wheels used on lawnmowers and other garden equipment, as well as wheels used on wagons and cheap fold-up shopping trolleys (and golf bag carriers). Get one of those wheels, and remove the tire - use the "rim" as the pulley.
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