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hello ,
I have bought Arduino Ethernet without POE (ATMega328)
but when i try to work it I get(I'm trying to upload the "blink" code ) -
"avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00"
I'm using the FTDI cable - and the driver (and also the serial that it open to me ) is working
I'm using win7 (if its matter )

why is it?

Thank ,


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is this the one you have:

you have to connect a programmer to it to be able to program it, just connecting the ethernet cable to your pc doesn't work i think

It is possible to program the Arduino Ethernet board in two ways: through the 6 pin serial programming header, or with an external ISP programmer.
The 6-pin serial programming header is compatible with FTDI USB cables and the Sparkfun and Adafruit FTDI-style basic USB-to-serial breakout boards including the Arduino USB-Serial connector. It features support for automatic reset, allowing sketches to be uploaded without pressing the reset button on the board. When plugged into a FTDI-style USB adapter, the Arduino Ethernet is powered off the adapter.
You can also program the Ethernet board with an external programmer like an AVRISP mkII or USBTinyISP. To set up your environment for burning a sketch with a programmer, follow these instructions. This will delete the serial bootloader, however.
All the Ethernet example sketches work as they do with the Ethernet shield. Make sure to change the network settings for your network.


I have 6 pins cable (FTDI) that I used to connect it to SparkFun card
the cable is good (because when I connect it to the SparkFun I can upload with it)
I have try to press reset before uploading - not help

What else can be the problem?


you could use a working arduino uno (one without the chip) board as a programmer (or an arduino clone)
an other way is using an ft232 breakboutboard  and connect the correct pins you the ethernet schield (don't know if the fdti cable is the same)

and what is that sparkfun card you are refuring to?


the one I have is
SparkFun pro-Ethernet

so I need another card in order to write code to this one? - I don't think its make sense.


you might need to burn the bootloarder in to it


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why is it?
now I need to buy another one?
I don't think - it's doesn't make sense

I have try this post -     
Loop-Back Test Instructions  - http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=73748.0

and it's work just fine , so what is the problem??

how can I get the Arduino support? and talk with them directly ? maybe they will know?


if you can't upload a code into the arduino there are a few things why :

first you could have connected the board to your programmer wrong(try to switch the rx en tx)
second the bootloader isn't installed or has flaws in it, ether way you will have to reburn the bootloader in it using a programmer http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ContactUs

what you can do is contact sparkfun about your problem as it is a board on there design, they might already encountered a problem like this.
you can try to contact the arduino staff but it is unlikely they will know the answer or can help as the design is not from them but from sparkfun.

if you don't wanne try the 2nd solotion you sould contact sparkfun ether to get your money back or get the help you need


why do you think I have sparkfun card?
I have (like it said in the title of this post) "Arduino Ethernet without POE"

and the FTDI cable is working (I have try it on sparkfun card - so I know it's good )

now why I need to buy another card in order to fix this one???? isn't another way? this is stupid!

Thanks  ,


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i tought you had the sparkfun card because you posted this:

the one I have is
SparkFun pro-Ethernet

so I need another card in order to write code to this one? - I don't think its make sense.

to burn a bootloader you need a programmer, not just a usb to serial converter.
alls arduino's (with some exceptions) have a 'build in' usb-to-serial converter, using a atmega8/atmega16 of a ft232** chip.
the bootloader that sould be installed on the atmega328 (in case of the ethernet board/uno/...) uses the usb-to-serial comunication chip to comunicate with the computer and to load new programs into it, if the bootloader is absent or malfunctioning it has to be replaced.

as the bootloader is not on the chip or at least not working you need to program the chip (atmega328) as you would with any other microcontroller.
that is using a programmer?
and this is where another board comes in, arduino boards can be used as a programmer for atmega/attiny chips using the isp sketch

so to burn a bootloader onto a chip (or to programm the chip with the bootloader) you need or a working arduino (preferable an uno/nano/mega with an usb to serial chip build in) or a programmer.
to do this you can use a cheap clone or just use one from a friend.
if reprogramming te bootloader on to the board does not solves the problem, then most likely the atmega chip is death and you'll need to get to your vendor and request a new one of a refund)

so to anser to you question, yes there is an other way to reprogram the bootloader, but you'll need to buy a programmer.
or you can but a cheap chinese clone from the uno/nano and use that one as a programmer
or you would ask someone to programm a atmega8 or atmega328p as an arduino and then you can use it as an breadboard programming device

as you have an original arduino board you can contact the support in the link in my previous post but they will most likely say the same thing to do first.
ifnot they will say you'll need to get a replacement


I have return it to the store I bought it from - they saw there was a problem and the card isn't good (they try everything ).
they replace it to a working one , so it's all good now.

they say this has never happened to them and they sell over 1000 units of this Arduino  - strange !

Thanks any way for the help -(good to know it's not my fault)

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