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I use the Visual Micro plugin on AS6.1 (read what westfw says about 5), so there are none of those issues. Works just fine, I recently wrote a library for a well-known LCD company and had no issues.

But if you want to go the ASF route and also use Arduino libs at the same time there might be conflicts and problems.

If the goal is to write for Arduino I'd forget the ASF and use Visual Micro. I've not looked at ASF for ages but if there's anything useful there you can pirate the code and wrap it in "Arduino".

I would assume things like the port definitions (PORTA, PINA etc) are the same, pin mapping is a different story but does ASF have an abstraction to allow logical pin mapping?

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I've not looked at ASF for ages but if there's anything useful there

ASF is somewhat limited in scope for AVR.  It's aimed more at Xmega and ARM, where the peripherals tend to be much more complex.  Due is implemented on top of ASF, for instance (a mistake, IMO, but it does demonstrate ... something.)


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Hi All,

A few things that might be useful for Atmel Studio 6.1 users.

Visual Micro overrides all Atmel settings and makes a fully compatible Arduino compile.

If a project does not have an .ino or .pde of the same name then Visual Micro goes silent and allows normal Atmel to work without conflict.

If an .ino or .pde is added to the project (with the same name) then Visual Micro takes over and ensures a 100% Arduino compile.

Visual Micro also expects the folder containing the project to have the same name, this means that we remain Arduino compatible and share out projects with users of the standard Arduino Ide

If Visual Micro is active then the menu item "project>import sketch library" works the same way as the Arduino Ide and regardless of this all libraries are compiled as per normal Arduino compilation rules.


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