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Is anybody attending this workshop+performance called 'Aeolian artifacts - Pulsar Kites intervention' in Tallinn, starting right about now? As far as i understand, it's about augmenting kites with sensors, Arduinos and XBees, and using them as musical instruments with Pure Data.

From the website:


Aeolian artifacts is a collaborative workshop/working group to build wind-driven sonic artifacts.

This event aims to create an installation of sonic objects which respond to wind force to produce sound. These sonic objects will combine electronic and mechanical techniques, each offering different possibilities of expression and dynamics to consider.

The sonic intervention will occur in an open space in Tallinn, as a performance/installation where the participants will present their resulting instruments to create an improvised soundscape driven by wind.

The foundation of the workshop is based on the Pulsar Kite project by current Ptarmigan artist-in-residence Juan Duarte, which combines physical computing and real-time sound processing. In order to explore innovative ways to develop this idea, it is encouraged to deconstruct this working principle to find alternative methods of interaction with the networks of sensors and objects that can integrate to the Aeolian instruments context.




The result aims to combine both instruments in a intervention / performance based on the sound sources: two kinds of kites, both 1) physical modulators (hardware/software means), and 2) mechanical sound generators (whistling or rattling mechanisms).

You can see Juan's website for some more description of the Pulsar Kites, and videos of them in action.

Personally, i already signed up for the workshop and prepared to travel from Helsinki to Tallinn, but unfortunately had to cancel  =( =( =(

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