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I assumed it referred to all aspects of using Arduinos and not just the Arduino Create system. If you are correct then all my answers are rubbish :)

not only Create. the forum too. and Playground and co. I don't know if they know about  GitHub repos, if they count other Arduino manufactures sites with tutorials and Wikis? And Arduino SE?

following questions are
"A wide range of participation possibilities is available on the Arduino platform (e.g. Projects, Panels, Blogs, Playground)."
"A wide range of supporting tools is available on the Arduino platform (e.g. Software Development Tools, Hardware Store, Code libraries)."
"A wide range of supporting knowledge is available on the Arduino platform (e.g. Tutorials, Starter Guide, Instructions for Projects)."
"A wide spectrum of feedback is available on the Arduino platform."

I don't know if it is "wide range/spectrum". I didn't do a tour


I think it would need some of the remarks culled first before anything else is done with it.
IMHO if you want to bring it to the attention of others with one or more Posts in other sections all that is necessary is a simple message such as "You may wish to participate in the Questionnaire being conducted by the University of Aachen" with a link to Reply #20 of this Thread.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


One way to get more responses might be to post translated version of the survey request to the various non-english forum sections (and maybe translate the survey as well?)  I've been surprised and impressed how much non-English activity happens.

(However, like most forums, the vast majority of "Arduino Ecosystem" users are "lurkers" - people who only read the forum...)


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Thanks for your suggestions! But this wouldn't be considered as cross posting or something?

And do you guys know, why so many messages of Mods are deleted know?


And do you guys know, why so many messages of Mods are deleted know?
Yes. It's called censorship. One of the mods took it upon himself to delete what in his mind are unhelpful messages. This thread was 4 pages long, now it is 2.
Is he now going to censor every other thread that contains what he considers to be unhelpful messages?


Don't send me technical questions via Private Message.


Somebody has removed several Replies from this Thread.

None of the Replies here was in any way abusive and removing them is wholly unacceptable.

To summarise, I and others are not at all convinced that this Questionnaire has merit.

In one of the Replies that has been removed I had written detailed comments on several of the questions explaining how IMHO they were either confusing or were too narrowly focused.

Please reinstate all of the Replies that have been removed. The internet should remain a vehicle for the widest possible range of opinions.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.



It may not be the answer you were looking for but its the one I am giving based on either experience, educated guess, google (who would have thunk it ! ) or the fact that you gave nothing to go with in the first place so I used my wonky crystal ball.

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