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Hi guys,

I am trying to read current produced by a small solar cell.  When I just hook up the cell in direct sunlight, it gets about 0.66 volts, which is about right.  But when I hook it up to the Arduino through the ACS712 Hall effect current sensor, it shows 5.0 volts.  I know that it should be printing about 2.5 volts, and therein lies the problem.  My diagnosis is that it is for some reason printing the voltage received from the Arduino; my question is how do I get it to print the voltage from the solar cell?



Do you want to know the current or the voltage of the solar cell ?
Can you upload your sketch ?
And please attach a diagram or photo of the wiring, so we can see how everything is connected.


You have checked the ground connection to the ACS712?
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Figured it out.  Turns out there were a couple screws for trimming, one was turned so it was reading high.
Thanks for your help!

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